The Clearing Method 

Step one 

Condense the ‘ Story ‘ the source of the suffering to a core feeling  

Wounds get caught and triggered in the now through struggles with people, places and things. 

Condensing the story of the suffering to a feeling, helps separate and track it’s source.  

Allow the core feeling into the body and witness the mind's response

We have a tendency to wrap our feelings in feelings and tend to get lost in the fear of the suffering. 

Removing the fear and the story around your suffering, helps us to use this suffering to light the way home. 

 Allow the Core Feeling to build in the body. Feel it. 

How do you witness its shape, size, position, colour, movement, frequency within your body?

What memory unfolds ?  

The feeling will bypass the mind's defenses and psychological masks. 

The feeling will light the way to the source of the wound, the birthplace of the suffering.  

Step Four

Break down the story of self that comes from the feeling. Eg: I am, It is. 

Wounds are products of experiences within which we change our view of ourselves and the world around us (the interjection).

When we break down the interjection from the experiences, we are left with the detail of those interjections.

When we understand this, we can heal and make sense of the experience.  

Step five

  Check the elements of the wound for truth  

While the experience is real, true and important to us, the meaning that we have given it can be reassimilated. 

It is the interjection that is important when checking for truth. It is from the undoing of the interjections, that we can heal from the experience.  

Treat the Core Feeling with your new 'I am / It is' somatically

Create an internal solution to the core feeling.

This stops the behaviour and the need for the masks and defences.

The wound begins to heal.

Allow your mind and its old thoughts to catch up, with your healed emotion leading the way.