The Clearing Method

The Clearing Method is a guide to uncovering and healing the source of your suffering. 

 The method is a psycho therapeutic, body centered tool, delivered through the person centred relationship. 

This method has been born out of Shauna's own experience in the journey back to her real self. 

The Journey Home 

Shauna's journey back to her real self happened over a period of a few years.

During this time her witness mind observed the source of her suffering and assisted her thinking mind to find and heal the source of that suffering.

Shauna's experience was, that you can find a way to bybass the mind's need to sort and label, by using the emotional content within. 

She used the somatic sensations in her body to guide her to a place of healing.  

Shauna witnessed and worked through a series of steps in order to free herself from the pain and turmoil of wounds within.

The clearing method is the ' how ' to find and heal the difficult wound that lies within.

She is currently practicing as a Person Centred Therapist in her home town of Derry City in Ireland.

She has helped thousands of people journey home through the clearing method. 

She is both humbled and excited to share her work with you.