The Experience

Hear The Clearing Method work in clinical practice. 

Listen to how the breakthroughs happen in each of these very different scenarios.

It is truly remarkable how The Clearing Method can transform your life, shining light and giving hope.

Meet Roisin.

Roisin has journeyed with Shauna and in this short video she explains just how she felt going through The Clearing Method but most of all how she feels now that she has cleared that core wound. She is an inspirition. Roisin worked so hard during her time with Shauna and she has been so brave to tell you a little bit about her story. Roisin is a testament to the power of The Clearing Method and the strength that we all inherently have inside us. 

In this recording, we can hear how the client is battling every day with difficult emotions and she struggles to find the source of her suffering. That Core Wound. Her pain is manifesting in her body in such a sharp way, this is really holding her back from living the life she so deserves. 

For the first time ever she has managed to let the feeling lead the way to healing. Listen as her confusion turns to clarity, the exact moment when Shauna's Clearing Method works its magic. 

This client presents with an excellent example of wrapping feelings in feelings. She didn't think she deserved to be healed or even be in this world. She got to her Core Wound but something was blocking her from beginning the healing process. This recording is very intense. Listen to how Shauna breaks the story down using The Clearing Method. Shauna has taken the client to a place where she can really untangle this web of difficult emotion and get to the source of the suffering to begin to heal and live.

Notice the shift in the client when she has that breakthrough moment. It is remarkable how quickly she gets to this point.

She can now begin to see her worth. This is the beginning of the end of all her fears, pain and suffering.

Amazing isn't it !!